Soup Saturday

February 12th, 2011

Since Marcel is taking me out tonight for dinner- I won’t be cooking soup for today’s Soup Saturday.   Instead, I’ll be over-indulging at one of my favorite restaurants in the company of Desere and Hein.  I can’t wait.  Truth is- I’ve been anticipating this evening for a while.

Since it IS Soup Saturday- I will share a link with y’all to a soup that I think looks absolutely scrumptious, and who knows- will possibly be made in my little kitchen sometime in the near future.   Right now- I have quite a lot to do in the next few hours before heading out, so I’ll leave you with a link and a promise of at least one food picture tomorrow.

With it being the weekend before Valentine’s Day- What better than a pot of Italian Wedding Soup to kick things off. Enjoy- and if you make it- let me know.

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