Somethin’s Brewin’

July 2nd, 2009

My friend Kimmie, whom I happen to think is one of the most creative people on the planet wrote a while back in her blog about making her own Pure Vanilla Extract, including instructions.

I actually became inspired by this idea, and thought … hmmm since I enjoy baking so much, and use quite a bit of vanilla extract myself, this may be the perfect project for me to take on.

I checked out the place where Kimmie gets her beans, and the ones I wanted to order were out of stock. She was so sweet in offering to send me some of hers, since she said she had some extras, so today I received not only the beautiful beans in the mail, but also a pretty bottle to put the vanilla in.

Thank you KIMMIE!!

I took a photo with my iPhone, which I’ll post when I get back to the living room.

SO, once Samantha has come and gone, I’ll be brewing up some vanilla in the kitchen. Hey, some people brew beer- we brew vanilla. YUMMO!!

One Response to “Somethin’s Brewin’”

  1. mub says:

    That dumb bottle *L* It made the package JUST barely too thick to cram through the mail slot. I’m glad it got there so fast =D

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