Some Days are Better than Others

June 21st, 2011

 I was vacuuming- and I moved the couch to vacuum behind it- I guess when I did- (still not sure what happened) and went to move the couch back to the wall- it hit the metal floor lamp with glass shade. I assume the glass shade hit the wall since it shattered and I was surrounded for a moment in a glass shower. There was huge chunks of glass and tiny shards everywhere and I do mean everywhere-

Thankfully Marcel was out with JJ- so I walked through the glass (I’m always barefoot in house) to close off the living room so Mister Mistoffeelees couldn’t come show his curiosity and end up with glass in his feet- the way I had.

I swept it up- vacuumed it up- and the couch- and JJ’s cushion because all was covered in glass.. I then touched the couch to move it- and a tiny shard poked my finger- and more blood ensued.

Thankfully in spite of my small injuries none were serious- and at least my head or face wasn’t gashed open. Now I think we’re going to stuff the lamp in the shed until we get a new sofa and then get a new globe /shade thing to match the new furniture-

And to think I thought this was going to be a boring day :)

2 Responses to “Some Days are Better than Others”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Ouch! Glad you’re relatively unhurt.

    My fear was always that even after I’d cleaned things up I missed one little piece of glass, and a month later I’d slice myself wide open on it. There was always that doubt in my mind.

    Maybe I need to take cleaning lessons. :)


  2. admin says:

    Scott- I cleaned up three pieces after all that- and I’m sure there is more- and that’s my fear too- that I’ll get it or one of the animals. I’m not worried about Marcel because he is never barefoot in house lol

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