Snow Day

February 6th, 2013

Last night Marcel and I were watching a movie somewhat late-  and I heard this loud thunder.   We looked at each other- and I commented that this could only mean that the storm I saw on the weather as heading our way was upon us- and that it would not mean rain, but snow- and lots of it.    Now- to a girl from the Deep South, you have to know that two inches of snow is what I consider a lot, so it was no surprise to me that around 10 or so I peeked out and the snow was falling.    Not small flakes- but huge- fluffy flakes that I knew would cover the ground in no time if it kept up the pace.

The movie was one hour and forty-six minutes and by the time it ended, our car was covered, the street was covered, and so was the grass around us.     It was beautiful.   I kept getting up and going to the window- watching it fall hard in big fluffy flakes under the street lights and smiling to myself.    At midnight I had the urge to put on my rubber top-siders and go out and play in the snow.   I wanted to catch snow flakes on my tongue- because I knew it would make me giggle.    I didn’t-   mostly because I knew the flash of cold air and running around at midnight would keep me awake for a long period of time- and I’ve already been struggling enough with getting back into the groove of things.

This morning I woke up to a world of white-   The sun was shining and the reflection of the snow made everything even brighter than usual.   To most people it was a pain- as it meant late trains,  traffic jams and late arrivals to work and other important appointments, but to me it just meant a smile and an appreciation for simple beauty.

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