Smiles Everyone

November 27th, 2012

I remember when I first started using the Internet in the mid-90’s and discovered chat rooms how much I absolutely loved the idea of connecting with people from all over the world. It was a fun thing- plus it made me realize that our world was made a little smaller by the invention of the Internet. It allowed information at our fingertips- and is definitely here to stay, although constantly evolving and changing to include new things- like emoticons. Granted- I remember typing the little smileys way back in the day, but now with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking places, it makes communcation a little bit easier.

Communication is more than 90% non-verbal, so sometimes it does make it somewhat challenging to get a point across in pure text without it being taken out of context. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written things that were taken the wrong way- or that I’ve taken things the wrong way, simply because in pure text you don’t have the body language or gestures to show how your feeling. I guess that’s another reason that I love emoticons so much, and the twitter smileys from myemoticons never fail to bring a smile or whatever emotion I need to express. I think they’ve become part of our ‘plugged-in culture’ and are here to stay. Personally, I’m glad.

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