May 7th, 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love reading. I also love a good magazine, and I believe I mentioned yesterday that I was taking some time to work on a vision board (actually 2), and would be going through and clipping up several magazines.

I’ve had this stack of magazines called Real Simple, that a friend sent me several years ago- I read a couple of them, and got busy with who-knows-what, and put them in a box, thinking I would come back to them later when I had more time and read them. Truth is, I forgot about them, and several months ago, when I was revamping my closet, I came across the box, and upon opening it- found all the magazines waiting to be read.

I figured I’d skim through them as I clipped, but what I quickly realized, is that there is ALOT of valuable articles in these magazines, so I clipped two of them, and have promised myself to go through and read them, and pull out the information that I believe will prove valuable to either my life- or the life of someone else.

Because I made a commitment to myself, and to my health last year- I find myself wanting to know more and more about healthy choices, so I soak up information like a sponge. This is the only body that I have, and I prefer not to fill it with weight loss pills to take off the pounds, only to gain it back when I stop taking them (been there done that many years ago), but instead prefer to learn and make healthy, informed choices. Unfortunately, I even find myself getting annoyed at people when they want to take the ‘easy way’ out, because what may seem like the easy way right now, will only serve to haunt you in the long run if you don’t change your mindset along that journey. Believe me- if there was a ‘magic pill’ or ‘potion’ I would have had it a long time ago- The secret is, exercise, healthy eating, and living a life of consciousness. It really IS that simple.

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