Simple Joys

April 27th, 2011

Yesterday I set a goal for myself to walk 6 miles.   (Don’t worry- this isn’t going to become a blog of my walking adventures, but bear with me, I do have a point to make.)   I decided that since JJ would be with me, that we’d make it two 3 mile jaunts-  one in the early afternoon and one after diner.   

During the early afternoon walk- we were walking  along a paved path through the park and I noticed two women pushing two other women in wheelchairs.   The ones in the wheelchairs were elderly, and after talking to one of them, I suspect that they are struggling with some of the many things associated with aging.  I also suspect that they were from the care facility about a mile from our home and they were getting them out to enjoy the day.

When we were still about 100 feet away, the one lady saw JJ and immediately put her arm out as to grab him.  The smile on her face was bright and it was obvious that she loves dogs (we’ve encountered some people with the opposite reaction).   I could tell that the women pushing the wheelchairs didn’t want to stop, but JJ ran right over to the lady’s hand and rubbed against it.   She literally squealed with glee..    He could sense her energy- and immediately stood up against the wheelchair.  She leaned over towards him and he smothered her with kisses.   I generally don’t allow JJ do do that kind of thing, but it was obvious that it was something she wanted.   I also generally don’t like to ‘slow down’ when I’m walking on a ‘mission’ (exercise), but that is exactly what I needed to do was slow down.

It didn’t take a lot of effort on my part and it brought great joy to that lady-   She didn’t say much, but the light in her eyes said it all. 

Remember the little things-

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