Silver Lining

November 29th, 2010

I haven’t stepped on the scales, but I think the one benefit to me being sick last week was the fact that I pretty much lost my appetite. I didn’t want to eat much at all, so ate enough to get by. I ‘feel’ thinner and thankfully the fluids I’d been retaining a few days after we arrived home finally disappeared during that time as well.

The one thing I wish I knew was how to reduce belly fat, because I have this one little problem ‘pooch’ in the front lower part of my belly. I know you can’t target that specific area, since fat tends to disappear where it wants, but I think I need to start working on my abs again and maybe it will help.

If all goes as planned- I’ll be running my first 5k (probably more like walking) on December 31st in Fairhope. I can’t wait.

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