Shorter Daylight Hours

August 19th, 2015

Last night I was curled up on the sofa watching a movie with Marcel and I had the feeling that it was ‘really late’.   I looked at the clock thinking it would be pushing 11 pm, but instead-  9:30!    It’s the time of the year where every year I find myself finally adjusted to the summer daylight hours, only to be suddenly struck that the daylight hours have shortened significantly compared to the middle of summer.

One would think that it wouldn’t come as a surprise.  It happens every year, yet for some reason or another-  year after year, I’ll have a ‘moment’ and be reminded, sometimes not so subtly that Autumn is on its way.  Plus every single year, it catches me off guard-   and I have an ‘oh yeah’ moment.

It’s silly-  but continues to happen.   Why?  I have no clue.   The daylight hours may be getting shorter, but I feel that summer has at least another month left-   so I’ll enjoy it while I can before switching gears to comfort food, candlelight, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and the like.

There is still many adventures to be had this summer, and certainly a few more trips to the beach are in order.

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