Shop Til Ya Drop

June 6th, 2011

Today I spent the day shopping with Desere-   which included a great lunch (Tomato soup with basil) and not one, but two trips to Starbucks.   My first cup this morning was the ever-so-lovely Bali coffee blend – with a splash of milk, and a little later in the day a Mocha Frappuccino Light (of course).    The only thing I bought was a cupcake for Marcel (aside from lunch and Starbucks).  The company was great and in spite of a little rain-  we had a great time.   

I have a lot to write about- Including today’s Trust30, but my bath awaits.   Expect to hear more from me tomorrow as I’ll actually be home all day and have time to catch up and play.

For those of you who use Blogger-  I’ve been having problems commenting on your blogs using my Blogger account-  I have NO idea what the problem is- but I think I have figured out a away around it and will try commenting via (name/ url) and see if that will work.   I hope to catch up with your lives this week as well.

Until then-   Smile at a stranger today.  It may just be the best thing about their day.

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