Shining Light

February 15th, 2013

Three weeks after arriving home from our trip- and crossing several time zones- I can finally say that I’m over the jet lag.    It took a while- as it usually does, and I was met with some major outside challenges that definitely hindered the process, but I’m finally getting to bed at a decent hour AND getting a full night’s sleep.    That may not seem like much to you- but to me-  that’s worth a celebration!!

In my sleepless days- I had a lot of time to think (which can viewed by some as dangerous),  and in observing and listening to things happening around me-  I’ve learned a GREAT deal about people, and also about myself.

I had a conversation with a really close friend this week about how even in the darkest of hours there is always something to be grateful for-  always something positive- always a lesson to take away.   Often times we are so caught up in the happenings around us- that we fail to be able to see the good- or more like just aren’t ready to.  But when we are-   it’s always there, waiting to be discovered- very similar to a gemstone in a mine.   Even those discoveries of lessons in life of knowing what we ‘don’t want’  is a gift within itself.

It’s there-   the blessing- the gift-   the positive.   All waiting to be discovered when you’re ready.

As for me-   I’ve been able to confirm what I already knew-  just how very blessed I am- and while my life is definitely not always sunshine and roses-  (whose is?)  I choose to focus on the positive-  and the great things that are in store for the future.     And that future-  it’s brighter than any dream I can dream.


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