Sewing it Up

September 22nd, 2010

Several years ago mom bought this very cool embroidery machine that I believe can pretty much do it all. I’ve only seen it a few times, and I’ve never actually attempted to use it, but mom has made some really cool things with it. I’ve been after her for quite some time to start a small online business, but due to time restraints it isn’t really the right time. That time is coming though, and she’s going to have me in her corner as her biggest cheerleader and also as the person who helps with the computer side of things.

When I come across things that I think others will like, I tend to want to share them, which is why when I came across a place to download free embroidery designs; I couldn’t wait to share it with mom. In addition to being free, they are also in the default format that she needs for her machine, which makes things very easy for her. I think she’s already downloaded a few and when we go home I have some ideas of a few projects that I’d like to work on with her. I’d like to learn how to use the machine. I’m not on the verge of buying one, but I love learning new things and believe it would be fun to see how the design comes together on a shirt, blanket or whatever item it happens to be placed upon. I think it would be fun.

One Response to “Sewing it Up”

  1. Maggie says:

    It certainly will be fun.. I am setting in motion a salt dough craft day with the grandbabies soon as well…bake and paint christmas ornaments!!!

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