Seeing It All

March 6th, 2010

In an effort to distract myself of all the events happening recently, I’ve been spending a little time reading articles online. I’ve been pretty random about what I’ve read and many of them were fluff pieces, but there was one that really stuck out in my mind. The article was one written by Eric Hammer and was a review on finding great prices on prescription glasses. Now, I personally don’t wear glasses, yet, although since I have two parents that do, I figure my time isn’t too far behind. I’ve heard my parents talk time and time again about the prices they pay for eyeglasses, and after reading the article, I couldn’t help but share with them that they were obviously paying too much.

I’ve heard about Zenni before, but I never really gave it much thought, because often times people advertise great prices only to find that the quality is lacking. That isn’t the case here. According to everything I read, they are able to offer great prices (as low as $8.00) because they are no designer frames and are manufactured out of the country in China. The quality is outstanding and the price even better. I decided that I shouldn’t stop just by sharing with my parents, that maybe someone else could benefit from their prices as well. I figure why pay full price on anything if you don’t have to, and with shipping prices at just $4.95, it’s a steal.

2 Responses to “Seeing It All”

  1. Beth Broom says:

    I have several friends that have ordered these glasses and they are great. The styles are great too. I had one friend that after she bought hers and had them for a while the lens fell out and she could never get in contact with anyone to replace them. But at that price you can just buy a new pair, right? I don’t wear glasses either but it’s a great buy.

  2. admin says:

    Beth- I haven’t forgotten Laci’s little HK wallet. Things have been so crazy here that I just haven’t made it to the post office. I will get in the mail this week.

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