Searching for Answers

January 29th, 2014

I mentioned a while back that Marcel had been having some medical problems and unfortunately we still don’t have all the answers that we need. A few days ago, he really started feeling bad, and even called in sick at work- something he never does. Thankfully, we already had a referral to a specialist before this happened and he’d made an appointment which had him going mid-February. Yesterday he called to see about having the appointment moved up to an earlier date, and as luck would have it- they had a cancelation for tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the beginning of finally getting some answers.

The rest is something that I believe he needed, as this morning he’s been feeling quite a bit better. I’m grateful, but I know the pain he’s been having has gone on for far too long. I generally don’t go to doctors appointments with him, but tomorrow I’ll be doing that as well.

At this point I ‘think’ we’ll still be heading away for our anniversary, but we did call the insurance company who carries our travel insurance to check ‘just in case’ we need to cancel.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, plus praying that we finally get the answers we need, that it’s nothing serious, and Marcel is pain-free.

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