June 28th, 2011

Things have been pretty warm around here, and I have been a little busy so I haven’t spent very much time online or catching up on my blog.     Earlier I went over to my neighbors because she had a few questions for us, and she invited us in to see her home-  She’s in the process of having it painted and it looks really good.   She has a very nice home.   It has me in the mood to want to do some painting in our home.    I’m not sure what color yet- but I want something different than what we have now.  It’s time.   

Storms are supposed to move in this afternoon,  but right now the sun is shining and there is no sign of that.  I’m wondering if they have missed us completely, but I guess we’ll find that out soon enough.  

I have lots to talk about- but my head is a little overloaded these days.   So forgive me for keeping this short.

2 Responses to “Scorcher”

  1. Bobby says:

    L, Painting your home a different color sure does brighten things up very nicely. We have had the same paint for the last 6 years and in several of our rooms I do believe it is “Time” to make a change of some sorts…Let me see if I can get my wife on the same page.

  2. Scott Park says:

    I agree with Bobby. Something as simple as a gallon of paint can TOTALLY redo a room. Go for it! :)


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