Reason, Season, Lifetime

May 24th, 2013

I had something different planned to write today-  something that I saw today that surprised me.  Something trivial, but that brought a smile to my face, but I can’t seem to bring myself to write about the trivial.

The last week has been hard, no scratch that, it has been REALLY hard.   I made some necessary decisions last week that weren’t without their own set of growth pains, but this week has brought a few more.     I don’t watch the news, but I couldn’t help but see all about the tornado in Oklahoma on my Facebook feed.  It’s tragic and heartbreaking the devastation that Mother Nature left behind.  Through it all- the human spirit has shined through and people are showing up to help those who have been affected or sending help and supplies.   That is the good that comes from bad situations and wouldn’t it be great if we always were like that?

Yesterday- someone I know passed away.   She had developed an infection which turned septic and since her immune system was already vulnerable because of going through chemo-  the antibiotics didn’t work, and after 8 days they knew it would not work.  They kept her comfortable but she passed away yesterday afternoon- peacefully.  Her husband of just over one year was by her side.    She was in her early 50’s.

Today-  would have been Frank’s 50th birthday.  Frank is Marcel’s brother, and as most of you know- he was killed in a tragic car accident in 2005- two days after our first wedding anniversary.   Marcel wanted to visit the cemetery, so we did.  …

Why am I sharing all this?  Well mostly because it’s on my mind-  and also because all these life events in the past week have me really thinking about life-   about the people who come into our lives and whether they stay for a season, a lifetime- or are just there shortly for a reason.    Each have a purpose in their own right,  and each a gift- but sometimes it’s hard to accept them for what they are and move on-   I guess especially when you have the idea that they may be there for a lifetime.    Things change-  people change-  ideas change and while those are all good things and necessary in the progression of this road of life; it isn’t always easy.

I find myself smiling at the beautiful people who are a part of my life right at this very moment.   Some of them I know will be lifetime companions-  I firmly believe it with the depth of my soul, while others, I’m certain are here for a reason, or even a season.   I’m to learn from them all-  and I’m grateful for the lessons.

To know me is to know that I am a very sensitive and emotional soul, but also to  know me is to know that I have always marched to the beat of my own drum.  I’m not a ‘follower’   I never have been and probably never will be.  Some people have problem with that and that’s quite all right with me.    I am fiercely loyal to the people within my inner circle and even to those who are not within the inner circle- if they really know me- they know how important integrity is to me- so to know that is to know that any secret is safe with me-   No Matter What.

God has blessed me with a beautiful group of core friends who are deep within the inner circle.   They have VIP seats to my soul-  Are they all here for a lifetime?  I would certainly hope so- but if not-   then I know that God has other plans and I’ll be open to receive the reason and the lesson that’s waiting.  In the meantime- I’ll cherish them all, because life is short- and we are not guaranteed our next breath, much less tomorrow.

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