Randomness Part Een (One)

March 4th, 2010

Right now- I have so much going on in this head of mine, that I really can’t make sense of much. I need to say something, but right now I can’t type everything that I’m feeling, so excuse any randomness that you may find here. More of what is REALLY going on will come to light when I can talk about it without having to try to see through the tears to type.

Something random that you may want to know (or not) is that I recently decided at my age that I needed to find the best acne treatment because at the lovely age of 42 my face has been breaking out. I bought some Clearsil face wash stuff, and I’ve been using it since. It is helping, but it’s also drying my face out, but I think that’s the purpose at least for a little while. It is likely hormonal, but I had to try something.

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