Rainy Day Smiles

May 15th, 2009

Even though I won’t be able to actually post this until sometime later in the day when I actually have an Internet connection, I figured while I had some time to kill while waiting for the train, that I would tap out a few words.

It’s raining, no pouring is more like it, and I’m headed off to a nearby city to have lunch with two dear friends.

I couldn’t help but giggle when Marcel brought me to the station, as I left the house with what I call my “Wal-Mart” umbrella- a blue compact umbrella with cute yellow smiley faces all over it.

Marcel insisted I needed the golf umbrella in the trunk and even got out in the rain to get it for me. He says it will keep me drier. I thought it was so sweet of him, and definately made me smile.

It’s the little things my friends.

What has made YOU smile today???

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