Pup Tales- JJ and the Sheep

September 11th, 2011

Today we visited a war bunker from World War 1 and out in front of the entrance was a fence with a lot of sheep.    I looked at them when we walked up and they were grazing in the grass and not paying much attention to us.

JJ had other ideas and when he saw them immediately started barking in this high-pitched overly-excited ‘voice’.    I figured the sheep would look at him (which they did), but what I didn’t expect was for them to all run towards the fence to greet him.    It wasn’t just one- it was all the sheep and he was just as excited to greet them.     He really wanted to get in the fence and run around with them, and tried really hard to fit his body in the small square in the fence, but it didn’t quite work.   His head did fit- and he made use of that fact and pushed his head through the spot and then proceeded to lick several of them as they greeted him with curiosity.  

It was adorable-    There were several times when they would go back to the middle of the field and he’d start barking and they’d run back over to the fence.      I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he was loose inside that field with the sheep.    If I wouldn’t have been worried that a- he would have been trampled or b- that I would have never caught him again-   I would have been tempted to just let him run around after them.

He definitely enjoyed himself even with the fence between them.

5 Responses to “Pup Tales- JJ and the Sheep”

  1. BethanyC says:

    How fun. Maybe J.J. needs a career as a sheep dog. :)

  2. admin says:

    He loves them Tammy

  3. admin says:

    I think you’re own to something Bethany!

  4. Sunny says:

    Awww, this makes me smile :)

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