September 4th, 2011

Having mom and dad with me has given me an opportunity to really start prioritizing and thinking about the important things in life. I do that anyway- but various circumstances over the past months have really changed the way I look at things and as much as I hate to say it- it hasn’t been for the positive.

Since I really consider myself to be somewhat of a positive person, I know that I need to re-prioritize and start making choices that will continue to nurture a positive life as opposed to feeding anything other than that. It’s going to mean saying goodbye to a few people or at least keeping them at arms length.

I’m a firm believer that everyone comes into our lives for a reason- but sometimes it isn’t meant for them to stay- especially when their stay is a toxic one. You know what they say- One bad apple can spoil the bunch, and I’m not ready to be spoiled. The change starts with me.

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