March 25th, 2010

Since JJ is a terrier and they are born hunters we have to be very careful with letting him go anywhere without a leash. In fact, he doesn’t go anywhere without one, partly because he doesn’t listen well enough to go without one, and also because I have visions of him seeing a bird or someone on a bicycle and deciding that it would be fun to chase them. I know he wouldn’t return until he was ready and no amount of yelling “COOKIE” (the word that usually stops him dead in his tracks and running towards me) would make a difference.

After dinner I thought it would be nice to take JJ on the other side of the canal where he really didn’t have any danger of getting away from me, so I could remove the leash and play ‘balley balley’ with him. I actually couldn’t find his rubber ball, so it ended up being a rubber bone, but we still call it ‘balley balley’. I don’t think he realized that he was ‘free’ to run and do what he wanted because he never ventured far from us. He was happy and content playing and running around and it is the most heartwarming thing ever to see him ‘smile’.

I decided at a certain point to toss the ‘balley balley bone’ in the direction of Marcel and wouldn’t you know it bounced twice (which it hadn’t been doing) and landed with a huge PLOP in the canal. JJ stopped dead in his tracks at the waters edge and gave me this look as if to say, “Now what?” Marcel was with us at my urging, simply because he hasn’t been out of the house in days and I thought it would be good for him.

He commented that the bone was lost, and I assured him that I would retrieve it. I think I caught him rolling his eyes as I walked past him in search of a large stick. I found one in the bushes which happened to have a V at the end of it, and when I got to the waters edge I could see a glimpse of red in the bottom of the brown, murky water. At first I had this bright idea that I would scoop up the bone by balancing it on the V, but I quickly saw that wasn’t happening. Instead, I drug the bone across the bottom of the canal, tossed the stick and laid down on the ground. I pulled up my sleeve, and stuck my hand in the nasty water and retrieved the bone. If JJ could have, I think he would have squealed with glee. Needless to say, I won’t be tossing the bone near the water again, but at least the bone is safe and sound beside JJ inside the crate.

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