Planning it Out

March 22nd, 2009

Another gorgeous day in the Neverland neighborhood.  Even though it hasn’t been a full day of sunshine, the sun has been shining on and off, and the weather is giving me SO much energy.


In spite of sleeping until 9:30, and not getting out of the bed until 10:15 this morning, I’ve had a really productive day.


Since it’s Sunday, we’ll be heading to my mom-in-laws shortly for Sunday dinner, but not before I mail a batch of letters that I wrote today, plus attempt the stair run that I’ve been wanting to do for some time.  My goal is to do it several times a week, and my darling husband has agreed to do it with me.


Did I mention that I’ve been actually trying to plan my meals for the week before the week actually starts?  I’ve been at it for almost four weeks now.  I usually sit down on Sunday’s and think about what I’d like to cook for the coming week, and then make my lists according to that list,  plus the extras that you always need to have in-house.   I’ve always found it extremely difficult to make a list of what I want to cook for the week, because I generally cook by my mood and what I feel like we may want to eat that morning when I wake up.  


I’m always the one who decides what we’ll eat, because when I ask Marcel, I get the standard answer of, “It doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to make is fine.”  I’m blessed in the fact that he is not a picky eater, but I do wish sometimes he’d have a preference, because it would make things easier. 


One thing is for sure, it’s making a difference in the amount of random purchases that I make in the supermarket, plus I’m not ‘overbuying’ and wasting anything, something that happened from time to time when I’ d buy too many vegetables.


My bath water awaits, so I’d better make this short, but I’m curious how many of you out there plan your meals, or do you fly by the seat of your pants from day-to-day.

2 Responses to “Planning it Out”

  1. goindutch says:

    stairs sound like a lot of fun, wish taht i could join you. i did ride my bike a little today

  2. admin says:

    Way to go on the bike ride dutchy- I did the stairs.. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, so I’m thinking that I will do them twice next time. I was barely winded.

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