September 17th, 2012

Have I mentioned lately just how excited I am about our upcoming vacation? Well, just in case there were any questions, I’m VERY excited! Marcel is also starting to get the excitement juices flowing about all the fun and adventure that we have planned and it’s going to be one great thing after another.

I’m SO looking forward to seeing family and friends, plus I’ve got a couple of photo shoots lined up and it looks like I may be helping with some ideas on finding estate wedding and event locations. Someone I’m going to be doing photos for is considering starting a catering / wedding planner business and she’s working towards getting a list going and making contact with various venues in the area to see what kind of packages she can put together for couples.

I think it’s an amazing idea and with her personality, organizational and people skills, I have no doubt that she’ll be wildly successful. I’ll be cheering her on with every step and am happy to help her in any way possible. Her succeeding will bring me great joy- and I know it will her too! The area is rich with history, so I know in no time she’ll have a huge portfolio build. I’ve promised to carve out time to help her any way I can- and am definitely looking forward to celebrating her successes!

Oh yes- fun times are in the making and we aren’t even back home yet!

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