April 7th, 2009

Marcel is napping after a busy day. I guess I wore him out, so he decided to have a little snooze for an hour or so, which gives me the opportunity to pop on, write a few words, before I head into the living room, curl up in front of the television and watch a movie.

I’m actually feeling a little on the spoiled side, since he said that he would be doing the dishes tonight. Of course, you didn’t hear much protest out of my mouth. I was having a little pain in my right knee earlier, and he said that he wanted me to ‘rest’, and that he would take care of everything. Needless to say, he didn’t have to ask me twice.

I noticed earlier today that when we went out, that everything was covered in a nice lemony shade of yellow, which would probably explain the insanity going on in my head with my allergies. I suppose there is a price to pay for the beauty of spring, and that’s it- but it’s a price I’ll gladly pay, because spring is simply breathtaking, especially here.

Ironically, when I checked email earlier, I had an email on how to avoid allergy issues this spring. I thought that maybe someone else could benefit from them as well. Thanks to for sharing these great tips.

Avoiding Allergies This Season
By Eversave Health Center

Some people find it hard to enjoy everyday life because they are constantly battling their allergies. Here are some ways to help you minimize your allergy suffering this year.

  1.  Keep your windows closed. This goes for your house and your car. If you leave them open, pollen and other allergens will come into your home and car.
  2.  Check to see if the air conditioner in your home has an allergy reducing filter.
  3.  Clean your home often to rid it of allergens that may have entered.
  4.  Change your sheets weekly.
  5.  Wash your clothes after spending time outdoors.
  6.  Stay away from doing yard work like mowing your lawn.
  7.  Don’t hang your clothes outside to dry. When you take them in they will be covered in allergens.

4 Responses to “Pampered”

  1. Maggie says:

    I think you need to rest more and do less. I am sorry to hear your allergies are playing up. Here, I am in that terrible time and place when I really have to watch my lungs as we descend into winter.

  2. Maggie says:

    BTW what movie are you watching?

  3. george walker says:

    I am of the opinion, that Wizzy should be pampered, and pampered very much, as she is very lovely if the pics I have seen are true to form reality, she is indeed a beauty and must surely be a Beautiful Dutch Treat, if only the pic of her eyes that are extant on the Net, are sure,… *edited for inappropriate content*

  4. admin says:

    George you are so silly.. As you see, I edited the part I didn’t find appropriate. Behave. I’d hate to have to delete your comments. :)

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