Overcoming Uncertainty- Trust30 (Day 29)

June 28th, 2011

Overcoming Uncertainty-

Write down a major life goal you have yet to achieve or even begin to take action on. For each goal, write down three uncertainties (read: fears) you have relating to each goal. Break it down further, and write down three reasons for each uncertainty. When you have three reasons for your fear, you’ll be able to start processing the change because you know where the fear stems from. Now you’ll be able to make a smaller changes that push you towards your larger goal. So begins the process of “trusting yourself.”

My big uncompleted goal at the moment is reaching my weight loss goal.  It isn’t so much ‘only’ that goal but also the goal to be the best, healthiest version of myself that I can be.      I’m making better choices and still, if I don’t stay in the moment, it’s so easy to veer off the path.   My choices change and I do things that definitely don’t serve the end goal (such as make the wrong food choices and not exercise).  Little by little the change is happening, and that is something I celebrate.  I will get there.

The other thing is the crossroads I’m at-   I have been gathering information and do have meetings this week with people who can help give me all the answers I need.  From there- I can make an informed decision- but right now it looks like things are looking up.    Every small step is a step in the right direction.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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