One Week to Go

June 25th, 2009

With that title, one would actually think I’m counting down the days until Samantha boards a plane and heads this direction to not only celebrate her ’40th’ birthday, but to also celebrate my ’42nd’.

Ok, I know I haven’t fooled any of y’all, so truth is I AM counting down, and as I rip the pages from the calendar each day, it’s another day closer to her arrival, and another notch that the excitement level rises.

I’ve been plotting and planning, and have come up with some ideas that I can’t share here, on the off chance that she stops by for a peek to see what I’m rambling about today. Since I’m talking about her- her ears may start burning (Have you heard that old saying?), and she’ll find her way over here in between packing for her weekend trip to Chicago with her husband starting tomorrow, and packing for her trip here. Somewhere during that time, she’s got to find time to take a quick trip to my parents, who luckily only live about 10 minutes away, so that one suitcase can be filled with goodies that I’ve either ordered, or that were left behind when we came home in January from our trip home.

I’ll be sure to update and share photos of our travels on this space, and we’ll link it to other places so that everyone can keep up with us without having to actually speak to us. Fun times ahead!

Tomorrow is Marcel’s graduation from school. Today, as a symbol of being finished, he tossed all the workbooks in the paper recycle trash can. He was so excited, and was glad that he never had to open those books again.

It’s funny how opposite we are in that aspect. I probably would have kept them, but not him- that chapter of his life is closed, and he’s ready to move forward to the next. Obviously, I’m the more sentimental of the two of us.

Once graduation is over, we’re going to plug in the Tom-Tom, and head off to destinations unknown at this point. Since we’ve been so busy, we haven’t really had time to really get the new car out on the highway for a ‘real’ drive, so we’re going to spend the day away somewhere. I doubt we’ll go extremely far, but just out of the area for a few hours, and then back home in time for dinner.

Saturday begins my ‘cleaning and organizing’ session to prepare for Samantha’s visit. Not that things are a disaster, because they aren’t, but there are things that I need to do, such as make room for her clothes in the closet (since my clothes are in that room), and change the bed linens. No one ever sleeps on them, and they are clean, but I want them to be fresh when she arrives.

Once she heads back home on the 13th of July- Marcel is going to begin the process to stop smoking. I don’t imagine it will be that exact date, but sometime that week. He’s going to see the doc and see about getting some Chantix or Welbuterin to help him through the beginning stages. I’ll keep y’all posted how that goes.

Right now- I have a few things that I need to do before the day completely gets away from me, and I just realized that before I started typing this, I poured myself a huge glass of water, which I absent-mindedly left in the kitchen.

3 Responses to “One Week to Go”

  1. mub says:

    You should drive to Eindhoven in your new car!

    Also, be prepared to have a REALLY REALLY REALLY hard time trying to get wellbutrin here. Freaking ridiculous. I have my fingers crossed that you guys won’t have as much of a hassle as I did! Good luck to Marcel, that’s a big thing =)

  2. admin says:

    I figure we’ll have to pay for it out of pocket, but it can’t be any more expensive than what we were paying for tobacco lol. I think he’ll only need it for a little while, and maybe not at all.. Not at all would be a better option.

    So why were you speaking Dutch all day?

    Oooh and hmmm how far is Eindhoven? 2.5 hours or so?

  3. Danielle says:

    Tell Marcel to go on Chantix. That’s how I quit and it was the EASIEST thing that I ever didl. The only side effect that I had were weird war dreams and you will see that others do too! It’s crazy! I quit pretty quickly using Chantix and didn’t even have the urge.
    Best wishes to Marcel.

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