On the Road Again

June 16th, 2012

Happy Saturday!!

I thought I would make great use of my train time this morning by tapping out a few words on my phone while traveling.

My morning travel to the train was a rainy one but the iPhone weather man promises that it’s going to clear, which I hope since our fun adventure is all outside- with the exception of the shops we venture in to.

One thing is for certain- I know it will be fun, especially after I get my morning wake up cup of Starbucks!! Boy do I need that. I skipped the coffee at home and I’m feeling it.

This girl is dragging!!

I’m being slightly entertained by a group of young guys- teenagers who one of which failed to get a train ticket and has now been stopped by the conductor who is far from amused by their lack of traveling without a ticket. Needless to say their 5.00 ticket is now costing them 60.00 for traveling without a ticket. The conductor has moved on and the boys are still discussing and letting the expletives fly. Sorry boys, you’ll find no sympathy here. You play with fire and you eventually get burned.

As I type this the sun has started peeking out from behind the clouds, asking me to just be patient and promising more of the same.

It’s going to be a great day!!

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