On Location (From the tulip fields)

April 22nd, 2009

Marcel and I decided to take advantage of this amazing weather we are having, and headed out towards the tulip fields for a peek into their colorful splendor.

Generally, I prefer early morning or late afternoon lighting, but we can’t frolic on the tulips ALL day, so mid-afternoon was the best option.

We’ve left one town, and are now headed to another.

Here’s a peek at our scenery. Enjoy!!

5 Responses to “On Location (From the tulip fields)”

  1. Bobby says:

    That is simply amazing.

  2. george walker says:

    I have since a child and Realized the fact that Tulips were mostly Grown in Holland, and read the story of the Quest for a Pure Black Tulip, and the Prize given for the Perfect Black Tulip, why they sought for the Black Tulip when the Other Colors were so much More Beautiful, is not the Target but the Prize for the Breeding of the Tulips, however I prefer the Colorful Beauty and the Wax Like Appearance of the Beautiful Flowers in their BRIGHT Colors Ohhh sooo Beautiful, like a girl I once knew Named Rachel, haven;t seen her is ages, where is She and How iss she. I wonder. Saw someone with a Nose like her the other day yet still since it was so long, not sure it was her. and Diff Hair Doo. anyway, I digress, seems like a Common way to drift away from this thought so that is why I say I digress. Don’t know what it means….

  3. george walker says:

    maybe I am a little south, maybe a whole lot more then just a little South maybe Insane aboiut the South, heh heh.

  4. Judy says:

    Oh these are like candy for my eyes. Soooo beautieeeeful, and I know how you love *red* too!

    Glad your day out with Marcel was beautiful!! Thankyou for sharing!

    In Michigan we have a city named “Holland!” The Tulip Festival begins May 2nd. :)


  5. kate says:

    Enjoy the day!

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