On “Living” Gratitude

November 30th, 2013

In this month of “Thanksgiving”  I chose to share something that I was thankful for each and every day on Facebook.     Today, I was thinking about how it was really easy for me to find things, both large and small, that I am grateful for each and every day, because even in the most challenging and difficult situations, I am grateful.   It doesn’t mean things are always easy-  but I know that being grateful is part of my life.

What this month did do, however, was remind me of the importance of having a visual for that gratitude- and how it strikes a chain reaction within me, to focus even more on the little things in life that I’m grateful for- and for that-   well, I’m grateful.

A little earlier, I sat outside with a cup of coffee (far later in the day than I usually have coffee, but it seemed fitting), and watched the sun starting to sink beyond the horizion.  The ending of a beautiful day for us, and yet on the other side of the world, the dawning of tomorrow.   I thought about how beautiful this year has been, not in spite of the challenges I have faced, but because of them.    I have learned and grown in ways that had you suggested to me this time last year that this would be the case, I may have laughed.

I love the beautiful friendships that I have-   seeing them grow, seeing new chapters open in their lives,  doing happy dances with their successes, and sharing tears in their times of sadness.

Simply said-  I love life and tonight, my gratitude cup overflows.  For those of you who have been and continue to be a part of this great journey with me-  I’m thankful for you!

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