On Getting Older

March 8th, 2017

My favorite feline is turning 12 this year. I’ve noticed small changes in him that start to occur when cats get older. He’s losing muscle mass and in turn seeming a little thinner. Ragdoll cats are large breeds, and he still weighs more than 10 pounds, but those little things tell me he’s getting older. I’m so grateful that he still plays. In fact, lately he plays more than he has in years. For a long time after we got JJ he wouldn’t play at all, because every single time he did, JJ would intervene and spoil the fun. He still tries to, but Mister M. will often turn the tables and pounce on JJ, which leads to a crazy chase or some other fun for the two of them. It more often than not leads to me breaking them up, to avoid excessive hair flying all over the house. They love each other, even if they don’t necessarily admit it.

Knowing that he is getting older leaves me faced with that one day I’ll have to say goodbye to him & that’s something I can’t begin to imagine. Thankfully, right now I don’t have to. Instead, I’ll continue to love him (even when he’s being naughty) and cherish every moment we have together. That’s what matters most.

2 Responses to “On Getting Older”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Yes, it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to a beloved four-legged family member. I’ve lost several over the years, but after the immediate hurt wanes, I know I’ll always have my wonderful memories of Tara and Emma and Luke. So yes, enjoy your family every second you have. :)

  2. admin says:

    Scott- I remember y’all losing them and how my heart ached for y’all. I’ve had so many cats in my lifetime, but they were always outside cats, so even when I lost them, as hard as it was, it somehow seemed to come with the territory of being out in the wild.

    Mister M has been my shadow and my comfort for so long- I’m continuing to love every moment with him *even when he is naughty LOL* but I’m trying not to take them for granted, as I know those moments won’t always be here.

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