On Daring to Be Happy

June 29th, 2015

happyI absolutely love this little ‘sign’ of happiness.  It is a snap I took a few weeks ago at my favorite beach café.  It’s the placemats they use for their restaurant.    Seeing them every time I go there puts a huge smile on my face, but I digress.

Happiness-   it’s one of those things I hear a LOT of people talking about-     some people ARE happy- right where they are-    they are able to realize that within every day, there is always moments of joy-  little bits of beauty all around us-  so much to be grateful for.      I consider myself as one of those-  even though it doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles or days that test my patience-  we all do..   To say otherwise isn’t realistic.

I’m a firm believer that happiness is a total inside job-   meaning it’s within us, and it’s available to anyone.

There are also people who attach their happiness as something that is always fleeting- and just outside of their reach-   I’ll be happy when… (insert whatever said object, job, promotion, etc. happens to be the thing they’ve attached it to)

The reality is-    nothing like that can make us happy- .. those things come-  they go-  and then sometimes there is even the realization that it isn’t what the person wanted after all-     and then they find themselves attached to the next thing that will make them happy.


I also know a few people who are determined that if only they had certain situations that they would be happy-   if they were living in a different place, if they could lose weight- and the list goes on.    They tend to go from one thing to the next- looking for that next big happiness fix-  attaching all their happiness to the next big thing-  and not realizing that it has to come from within first..

That only when they have the joy within themselves-  the peace- contentment and happiness within-   will they be able to fully appreciate and enjoy all that the ‘external’ adds to their life-   It can definitely add to- but is never the cause of lasting happiness.

Gratitude is huge-   look around and be grateful where you are-   even if it isn’t where you strive to be-    If you can’t be grateful where you are- how can you be grateful where you aren’t?

Dare to be happy— to be vulnerable and know that it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

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