On Celebrating Another Year of Me

July 10th, 2014

Earlier this week, I met with a close friend to discuss and brainstorm ideas for our upcoming monthly column that we co-author.  It was a good excuse to get together, and it was also a great chance to sit on a terrace on the water for lunch, and really catch up.    It’s always great soul food to spend time with her, and she’s one of those treasures in my life that I’m very grateful for.

The subject of age came up- and her husband had asked how old I would be on my soon to be birthday- and she said she wasn’t exactly sure- because we’d never talked about it- but she guessed I wasn’t much younger than her.   He guessed me at quite a bit younger than I was-  which is always great to hear-  (Thank you Lord for great genes.)   But it was interesting because we talked about whether age was something we tend to hold back, or if it’s something we just let everyone know-        Personally, I am proud of my age.    I’m proud because it means that I’ve been given the gift of another year on this planet Earth, another year to learn, to grow, and to continue to try to live my very best life.

I look back over the past year- and I think about what has changed over the year.     In some ways- to those who don’t really know me-  they may say nothing is different about me at all, but to those who do-    I suspect they can tell a difference.     One of the biggest gifts is that I’ve been able to heal and grow from a very painful situation which occurred a few months before my birthday last year.

I’ve learned the hard way over the years that the only way to fully heal from something is to confront it head on-  walk through the pain-  grieve, when necessary, and through that-  comes healing.   It takes a while- and sometimes it does seem easier to just stuff it in a mental closet somewhere-   but trust me-  it always manifests when you don’t feel and deal.

I personally think I’ve always been a happy person, but I am even more so now-   I feel joy deep within my soul.   I feel more at peace with not feeling like I have to people please just to keep people happy-     That isn’t real- it isn’t who I am, and while I never have ill feelings toward others- I also know that I don’t have to spend my time around anyone who doesn’t add something to my life-    It doesn’t mean anyone is a ‘bad’ or ‘toxic’ person, (although sometimes that is the case) but mostly it means that I need to allow room for great things to happen- and that means cleaning out and letting go of anything or anyone that I don’t interact with.   It’s all about simplifying, and embracing what matters most.

I’m really happy with who I am as a human being-   I have a simply out-of-this-world group of friends both on this side of the pond and the other.    I am blessed beyond measure-   Marcel, is amazing- and well- it just keeps getting better- and I’m grateful.

What will the next year bring?   More beautiful blessings, more joy and abundance-     God dreams a much bigger dream for me than I could ever imagine- but right now- I’m reaching and we’ll see where the new year takes us-    47- heck yeah-  bring it on!

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