Ode to Amazon

September 27th, 2010

Years ago I started buying Books at Amazon.com for several reasons. Most of the time I could get free shipping, plus the prices were always better than buying them at the local bookstore. Over the years I’ve gone from buying only books to buying Larabars and other items at Amazon and again have found that more often than not I can find most items for a better price than I can get anywhere else.

My Christmas gift to myself this year will be a Kindle. I’ve talked about it before, and for those of you who don’t know what it is- I’ll tell you. It’s the Amazon.com version of an E-book reader. I’ve done a lot of research and was actually leaning towards another brand until they came out with the new generation in August. It seems to have all the features that I thought it was lacking before, and since I know it will save me a ton of space, plus be easy to carry everywhere, I’m going to get one.

I also decided to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, so for those of you who shop on Amazon and buy from the search widget on the right- I’ll be able to get a percentage of your total purchase price. I would greatly appreciate it- especially since I’m hoping it will generate enough affiliate dollars to pay for my Kindle. You’ll have the same Amazon service as always, only this time you’ll be helping me out. Thanks in advance.

… and if you have never checked out Amazon.com, I think you should.

2 Responses to “Ode to Amazon”

  1. mub says:

    If you’ve never checked out amazon, you’re living in a hole… under a rock… ;)

    I still think the Nook is the way to go, but I get grumpy when it comes to companies that have proprietary formats so I might not be completely objective *cough*apple*cough*.

  2. admin says:

    LOL You know I have.. I love me some amazon.

    I thought about the iPad seriously but the price was so outrageous considering that I already have two computers of my own, plus Marcel has two computers of his own, I have two iPhone’s, so I thought the iPad may be a little ‘over the top’ haha..

    After seeing your Nook I was prepared to buy it, but then the new Kindle was released and now I am sold on buying it lol

    You are right though- it does limit me to buying from Amazon or it can either read pdf’s or the ones that it can’t read it can convert to the kindle format, so I’m curious to see how that will play out. I did check books and found one in a series that just came out that I need for only $5.99. I’m excited about THOSE kind if prices haha not to mention all that space.

    Oh and if you shop .. you know you wanna buy from here :P

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