October 17-23 (Photo 365)

November 14th, 2011

Well you know what they say- “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I have a LOT of pictures to share in order to catch up on my Photo 365 project- but I am determined to do that THIS week. Last week got a little derailed when I crushed my fingers, so any time I had to use the computer and type it was related to my business and not for fun and games. (I won’t even get into how far behind I am on emails.)

Anyway- two of my fingers are doing much better and the black finger is still black and swollen, but not as bad- so it’s healing and for that I’m happy. Now- without further rambling- I’ll pick up where I left off on the Photo 365 pictures.

October 17-

I finally took the plunge and bought myself an iPad.   Technically, I bought it for the business as I write recipes on there and can use it easily in the kitchen- not to mention it will be great for showing potential business customers pictures and such if I meet with them out and about.  

It has proven to be really handy thus far and I know that it will only become even more so in the future.   

October 18-

This little piggy went to market….  

Well this little piggy is something I saw while at the grocery store.  He’s made from marzipan and I suppose you could buy him whole, but the store had other ‘piggies’ sliced into pieces to be bought by the ounce.   I’m not a huge fan of marzipan in this way, but I find it quite entertaining to see a whole pig made out of one and then slaughtered and sold off. 

October 19-

This was a pretty sad day for me.  It meant that vacation time was officially over and that mom and diddy were headed home.   This is a screen shot that I took of their flight home that I was tracking. 

The shot was right before they landed in ATL. 

The good thing was that I had a lot to do to keep me busy once they left- which made being without them a little more bearable.

October 20-

It is a rare day that JJ and Mister M. sit still together long enough for anyone to get a picture.  The fact that they were lying so close  to each other made me smile and although it didn’t last long- it was a moment that brought a lot of joy to my heart.   Now if I could only convince them to do this more often without tumbling and chasing each other- life would be a lot more peaceful in this household.

October 21-

I opened a bag of Pikes Place Roast this particular morning and decided that I’d lay the bag on top of my grinder before grinding the beans and take a picture of it.

Often when I go to Starbucks- I’ll get a cup of Pikes Place Roast and add a splash of milk and nothing more.   I don’t always have to have the ‘frou frou’ coffee (as my brother calls it).  Don’t get me wrong- I love a good specialty coffee, but sometimes, the only thing that will do is a good strong cup of coffee with a splash of milk.

October 22-

This is one of the last pictures I have of Mister M. on the “Walk like an Egyptian” sofa.  We now have a new sofa (much needed) and we’ve ordered a gorgeous chair that should arrive next Thursday.   I love this picture because it looks like Mister M. is smiling as he’s lounging in the sunshine.

October 23-

I gave myself a pedi on Sunday.   The weather was perfect, so I decided to sit outside and while I was out there, I pulled out a bottle of  OPI and went to town.  The color doesn’t really show well in this picture- but my toes are a beautiful eggplant color..  

Oh and have you heard?  OPI is coming out with a Holland collection in the Spring of 2012.  I’ve seen a little preview and there are several shades I have my eyes on.

3 Responses to “October 17-23 (Photo 365)”

  1. Bobby says:

    Wizzy – I come by but seldom get a chance to comment. Good to see your pictures.

    I hope life is treating you well…


  2. maggie says:

    Thank you for the pictorial walk through your life. These offerings from you “inspire” me in so many ways to similarly document parts of my walk through life. I just may!! ( with your loved ones, I think it is time to begin the countdown to your next shared holiday!!)

  3. Sunny says:

    That’s a neat and helpful new piece of technology you have , Lori :) I loved seeing the pictures. I hope you are healing well, and pain goes away.

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