Not So Silent Sunday

August 23rd, 2009

Normally Sunday is my ‘Silent Sunday’ day on this little spot, but because I’ve been ‘silent’ so long this week, I decided to break the little tradition I started and actually tap out a few words.

Marcel is working until ten tonight, and it affords me the time to play ‘catch-up’ on emails and everything else that has fallen to the wayside this week with my new found busyness- including writing in this and my other journals.

I’ve paid the bills, done the general domestic goddess stuff, written a letter AND mailed it- or rather Marcel mailed it on his way out. I have several emails to respond to that I’ll do after the bath- (which I’m about to take, the water is running as I speak) and from there, maybe visit a few blogs, and spend some time on Facebook catching up with a few of my favorite people.

I really feel very blessed. It was ironic, although I know that God really does listen to us and respond. I had been thinking that I’d really like to do more with my writing than I had been doing- and earn a little money in the process. Within two days of thinking that, several opportunities fell in my lap with what I had been doing, plus I heard about doing some freelance writing for international companies. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I knew I had to try. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try, right?

I guess what I didn’t expect was the quick response from the sample work I submitted and the abundance of work that seemed to appear. While I’d love to say that it’s my writing skills, I know that my writing is nothing special compared to so many people, so I give the glory to God, because I know this is an answer to my prayers.

It was a little stressful the first day, because my self-confidence seemed to disappear and I found myself wondering if I could really produce the kind of work that people would be willing to pay for, and if I could meet the deadlines that had been given to me by the various companies. I suppose we all have those moments when we really doubt ourselves, but luckily Marcel and mom both reassured that I could do it and that it would be A-OK. They were correct. While it did take me longer to complete my work the first day than I would have liked, I knew part of that was due to the fact that I was tired and stressed. The important thing was, I did make the deadline and with a few hours to spare.

The great thing is- it’s from home, so I can work in my PJ’s if I like, and it’s for a variety of different things- from writing articles for magazines, writing travel articles, to writing product descriptions for online web shops, fictional stories, to writing for drug rehab clinic blogs, and the list goes on. I’m excited, and it allows me to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and never really attempted to develop, and that’s write. I am enjoying myself, plus I know this is going to open other doors for me. I can feel that this is just the beginning and the possibilities excite me.

It means changing many things, and really learning to prioritize so that I can get my work done plus have time to do all the things I enjoy in life and keep contact with people who mean a great deal to me. It will mean finding balance, and I’m still working on finding that, but as the jobs continue, and I see what type of work load I can handle, I’ll find that balance.

So that’s me. That’s where I am when you don’t see much of me. Aside from that, I have many other little things going on in my world, such as planning a baby shower for a dear friend of mine who is expecting in January, and working on a few photographic projects that at this point are more for me, but could possibly turn ino something bigger at a later time.

If you message me and I don’t respond right away, please don’t feel neglected. It isn’t intentional, and I will respond, it may take me a little longer.

What’s happening with y’all? I haven’t had a chance to stop in any of your journals, so I’d like to know whats up with you. One thing is for sure- you ARE missed.

4 Responses to “Not So Silent Sunday”

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  2. Dorrie says:

    sounds like quite an interesting job. But you write good, so just see what happens.

    Me? Next Monday I fly back home to visit my folks. My mom turns 90 on the 1st. But the past 2 weeks I’ve been kinda sick with a constant cough… it’s been driving me crazy and keeps me from doing stuff I WANT to do. *sigh*

  3. lowandslow says:

    I AM impressed! That sounds like a dream job. Yes, HE does listen, and you had the wisdom to take advantage of the opportunity HE presented you. You’ll do well. :)


  4. admin says:

    Time flies doesn’t it Dorrie. I can’t believe that your mom is going to be 90, but it’s great that you’ll be there for the milestone celebration. I hope you are feeling better and feeling 100% to travel. Nothing worse than traveling when you don’t feel well. i hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

    It is a fun job Scott, but probably only for anyone who likes to write. Some assignments are definitely more fun than others, but I’m loving it so far.

    How are you and Kel doing?

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