Not Abandoned

September 30th, 2013

Even though it may appear as though I’ve forgotten this and my other spaces- nothing could be further from the truth. Truth is, I just haven’t had an extra moment to sit and write. We’ve been traveling and having a great time with my family- creating memories and spending time with friends. What could be better than that? Not much, in my eyes.

The great thing about vacation- it also gives you a chance to get away from the everyday, which can spark not only inspiration, but also clarity. I definitely have all of the above happening, which I know is going to mean a few changes in my life. Change can sometimes be scary, especially when it means stepping out of our comfort zones, but in this case- it’s time for me to continue to focus on what I want for my life. Marcel and I are blissful about all the things in the works. Some I’ll share here, but some will only be things privy to those who are a part of my everyday life- or who I know outside of this very public realm.

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