Next Week- Whole 30

March 6th, 2016

For a while now- I’ve been doing some reading on both the Keto plan and also the Whole 30.    I eat pretty healthy-  not a lot of processed foods, but yet I do struggle with keeping portions in control, eating in the evenings, plus having a business that is about all things ‘sweet’, it’s hard to avoid sugar when testing and creating recipes.

With all that being said-   I’ve still felt like I needed to ‘shake things up a bit’, so after much consideration and research, I’ve decided that a week from tomorrow I’m going to do the Whole 30 program.

It’s going to require some things from me that are outside of my comfort zone- but I see that as a good thing.    Planning what we are going to eat ahead of time-    (which I’m generally a wake up and decide based on my mood what we’ll eat that day) plus making sure I set myself up for success.    I won’t be testing any recipes during that time-  which means I won’t need to ‘sample’ anything.

Eating fruits, vegetables and meats won’t be the struggle for me.  I love all the things that are ‘allowed’, but it’s the lack of dairy that has me concerned.   I drink milk in my coffee each day-  plus my breakfast is always quark with granola and nuts.   So those things will take an adjustment.    I keep repeating to myself: I can do anything for 30 days.   Well, maybe not ‘anything’, but you get my drift.  It’s doable!

One of my friends is already doing the Whole 30 and she’s rocking it thus far.   So I’m sure we will be bouncing thoughts off each other if needed, and cheering each other on as we go.

You may wonder-   Why on earth is she writing about this?  Well, the reason why is because I’m going to be sharing my experience.   Mostly to hold myself accountable and to share how it makes me feel from day to day.

Lately I’ve been feeling very sluggish, so I’m hoping that this reset will help that.   So feel free to follow my progress if you’d like-  the good, bad, and ugly.


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