Name of the Game

February 12th, 2010

For those of you who have known me for any length of time, probably know then that I absolutely love video games. The great thing is, that I also married someone who loves to play games, and from time to time we download games and then play against each other. It’s good friendly competition.

Have you ever thought about where the names given to some of these characters and games come from? My favorite games of all time is probably Mario Brothers, and the Mario character has been quoted by David Sheff as coming from Nintendo’s U.S. landlord, who back in the day would come around demanding they pay back rent on the building they were renting at the time.

Sony is quoted as using some of their office staff names in some of the games. For example, the drivers of Monster Truck- Mike and Dave were reported to be named after Mike Giam and Dave Jaffe who happened to be game producers for that particular game.

We also can’t forget the games like Tony Hawk skateboarding games, Madden football games, or even Tiger Woods golf games. The list goes on. Even though I have played many video games over the years, my absolute favorite still is Mario Brothers, and Nintendo has done a great job over the years with him.

What’s your favorite game or game console?

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