Moving Right Along

October 18th, 2014

Life has been happening at what seems like warp speed here as of late.  SO much has been happening- with getting ready for the vacation, booking hotels, this and that- making plans with friends for when I’m home-   not to mention adventures we have on the agenda while we are there.   The time will fly by.    In addition, my company has been growing as well-and since I’m a ‘one woman operation’, I’ve been taking care of everything on my own and loving it.  It does mean less time for other things- but I don’t mind-  it’s my life blood and passion.

I’ve also started scheduling daily time for myself to walk/ run/ work-out.  I realized that in the constant busy of life that taking care of me would get pushed to the side more often than not-  so I started scheduling time to spend working out-     It has made a HUGE difference on the whole and I’m loving it.

Tonight I made hotel reservations for our time in Memphis- and I am really excited.  So much great stuff to look forward to, but before that-  still a lot of fun to be had here- like an early Thanksgiving celebration with friends at Niki’s.  It’s going to be a fun day and feast, plus this coming week- dinner at a friends home.  She’s Italian and is cooking us an Italian feast as a ‘thank you’ for something I did for her earlier in the week.    I was happy to be able to help her, but I sure won’t say no to amazing food and great company.

What’s happening in your part of the world?

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