Moving Right Along

March 22nd, 2012

As you can see from all my posting- I’ve been trying to catch up on my Photo 365 photos while I am actually online and on the computer. I am still trying not to spend too much time online or using my right hand- in hopes that the carpel tunnel issue will take care of itself. Some days it definitely feels better and others- not so much. It’s ok though- there are worse things, like ending up with surger, so I’ll continue to pamper it and try to restrain from getting annoyed and frustrated at things that are beyond my control.

The end of the month marks the end of the Photo 365 challenge- and it looks like I may make it- I don’t want to say it until it happens- after all there is still a week left in the month and we know anything can happen, but it looks promising.

Aside from doing those- at least I can update via the iPad- albeit slower. I have so many ideas- so many things to share.

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