Moments of Silence

December 5th, 2009

The house is quiet at the moment- the men in this household are sleeping. Marcel worked last night, so he’s sleeping- plus JJ and Mister M are also having a morning nap, which I hope will last a while. I haven’t had breakfast or coffee yet, so I’m hoping to get both before I have to get back out in the cold and rain.

I like these times when it’s me alone with my thoughts. Lately I’ve had many, so it’s nice to be able to sit here and ponder without having inturruptions. One would think in a household with no children, I would have more of those moments, but in spite of popular belief, the four-legged babies need attention too, and lots of it.

Today and tomorrow are ‘no work’ days for me, at least this week. I need them, even though I can think of a gazillion things that I should be doing with this time. Right now, I think I’ll make myself some steel-cut oats, brew myself some coffee, and the rest will come. If it doesn’t, then I’m not going to worry about it. I’m trying to make this Christmas season the most stress-free as possible.

One Response to “Moments of Silence”

  1. Sunny says:

    Hiya Wizzy ! Me too! I’m trying to make this season less stressful. …..

    Yes, those cute 4-legged kids can be just as much attention needy as humans,lol!!

    I have’nt been around much …today is first time since a long time.

    So much happeneing and SingSnap is where I go to relieve that stress. Also been playing Pogo ….

    love that site,lol.

    I made new layouts in my blogspot blog and also in my SingSnap Profile page…it’s all pretty Christmasy!

    Today is catch-up day with family phone calls and here in some blogs!

    Wish I could eat oats. They are sooo yummy and good for us. However, I have that celiac spru…gluten is not allowed, or owwwwieeee !!

    I’m doing my Christmas Cards a little each day. hard to do when accidents hapen…like Mom said…. “life just stops!”

    I told her that her Christmas box might be a bit late, but her birthday box will arrive on time :)

    I’m so glad you have a couple of days off, and yes, quiet times are the bestest!!! Love them. :)

    Love you all, *hugs* from Sunny

    There,lol. You have a letter *and* a comment all rolled into one, haha. Have a great rest of the day, sweet friend.

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