Miss You

March 4th, 2010

Yesterday the world lost a very special person, my aunt Carol, who also happened to be one of my best friends for many, many years. I have been struggling with her being in the hospital, ever since I found out about it, and now I’m struggling with grasping the reality that when I go home, I won’t get to see her during Thanksgiving or any other time. She is one of the most special people I’ve ever known, and I miss her greatly.

When I can talk about her more, I plan to shre some of the wonderful things about her, so that everyone who reads this space can see a glimpse of the wonderful person that I knew and loved. She’s in a better place now, but it’s still heartbreaking that she’s no longer with us. I love you Carol- always.

2 Responses to “Miss You”

  1. Bethany C says:

    Wiz, I’m very sorry for your loss! I know you and your entire family are grieving.

  2. kate says:

    So sorry. She sounds like a wonderful influence on your life. *hugs*

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