Menu Planning- or Something Like It

July 26th, 2009

I just got home from Sunday dinner at my mom-in-laws. Marcel is still there, but I do expect to see him home anytime now, since his ‘soccer’ team is going to be starting a game in the next half hour and I can’t imagine him watching it at his moms, since our TV has a much larger screen than hers.

I ‘need’ to be working on this weeks menu planning, but so far all I’ve managed to do is draw a blank on what to have. I do think that tomorrow we’re going to have Chicken Parmesean, but done in a healthier manner-without the bread crumbs, and with the chicken baked in the oven with the sauce and a lil fresh grated parmesean over the top at the end of cooking.

That leaves- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I think what the problem is, is that I’m tired of the same-ole-same-ole and I want to try something new and exciting, so I guess I’d better start pouring over some recipes and see what looks not only healthy but flavorful.

Anyone have any suggestions?

2 Responses to “Menu Planning- or Something Like It”

  1. Beth B. says:

    Oh my gosh, I have the same problem. I hate making menus and going grocery shopping because I feel like I make the same stuff all the time. When I look in cookbooks, that’s all I do is look. Wish I was more creative about those things, and probably so does my family!

  2. admin says:

    I love cooking Beth, but it does seem that I do exactly the same thing- I’ll make something we love, and I tend to ‘rinse, wash and repeat’ with those same few things again and again and again haha.. Now I think it’s time for something new.

    I have a difficult time planning meals before the day of anyway because I tend to cook based on how I feel and what I’m in the mood for that particular day.

    I’ve been trying to actually plan though, and it does seem to save in the grocery store, but even then I still have a difficult time sticking to a list.

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