August 24th, 2009

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, that’s my all-time favorite Disney character. It’s no secret that I am a fan of Disney, and my favorite of the Disney Parks is Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It could be that I’m biased, since I’ve been going to that park since I was a child, and in the days when it was nothing more than the Magic Kingdom. I remember growing up with Disney, and how excited I was each time they would introduce a new park. Epcot Center, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Animal Kingdom. The thought alone of Disney World brings a smile to my face, and makes me want to pack my bags and take a trip to see that wonderful little mouse that we all know and love so much.

Not so many years ago, I was looking through and old box filled with keepsakes of my moms, and I came across Disney Tickets from when we went more than 20 years before. I couldn’t help but smile, and remembered that we’d gone with friends to spend the week at the park and to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s an Independence Day that I’ll never forget.

Truth is, I wouldn’t actually recommend that you visit the park on the 4th, in spite of the more than spectacular fireworks display. I remember that we spent the day at Discovery Island so that we could avoid the crowds that we figured would leave sometime after dinner that evening. Little did we know how wrong we were, when we got across the water (we were staying at one of the park resorts), to find out that they’d actually closed the park to allowing any new admissions due to it being filled to capacity! It was fun, but crazy. I was a teenager at the time and definitely didn’t want to hang out with the adults, so I decided to make my way back to the cottage and come back to watch the fireworks. I agreed to meet my parents in a particular location, but little did I know that actually getting to that location would be impossible because of the massive amounts of people that were there. I ended up watching the fireworks with this group of people from Spain, who luckily could speak English so we could understand each other pretty well. Once the fireworks were done, I waited in the massive lines to get on our boat, and headed back to the restaurant where I knew we’d planned on eating, and within 15 or so minutes, everyone arrived, relieved that I was ok. I assured them that I’d had the time of my life, but we all agreed that to avoid the massive crowds, we wouldn’t make any repeat visits on the 4th, and we never did, in spite of many return visits to the park.

Much has changed over the years, and I hear that is one of the best places to find great deals to get you into all the parks at Disney World in Orlando. Marcel and I have never been together, but I do hope that one of these days, we can take a family trip, including my parents, brother and nephew. Disney truely is a place of magic and is for the young and young at heart.

One Response to “Memories”

  1. Judy says:

    The fireworks are gorgeous! They have them every night nowadays.

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