Marcel Update

January 31st, 2014

Yesterday’s visit to the hospital to see the specialist was a positive visit, and hopefully the road to getting answers to what’s happening. He talked to Marcel, asking plenty of the ‘right’ questions, listened to his responses, taking notes along the way, examined him, and then asked more questions and did even more writing. All good signs in my eyes.

He gave us some ideas at what we’re looking at, but right now everything is still up in the air. He ordered a full blood work up- with a concentration on the areas that he’s looking for answers, plus lung x-rays, and x-rays of both hands and wrists. We go back to the doctor later in February for the results, and hopefully the answers to some of the lingering questions.

That visit, along with several little ‘speed bumps’ in the road yesterday, left me totally wiped out by last night. On the plus side, I have done what my body has asked and taken it easy today, buzzing about in the house getting things done and ready for our trip- plus getting some information sent for some interviews I’m doing for magazine feature articles I’m writing.

Tonight, Marcel is heading back to work, so I’ll be ‘home alone’. I’ll be making good use of that time for sure.

What’s your weekend shaping up to look like?

One Response to “Marcel Update”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Sounds like a good first step for Marcel. Take good care of him. :)


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