Lovin’ that Sunshine

April 2nd, 2009

It has been a simply gorgeous day here in Neverland, and as much as I love the contacts the computer gives me, I prefer to spend my time outside when it’s weather like this. I can’t help it. We’ve had nasty weather for so long, that I am drawn to the sunshine and blue skies. Since Marcel is working tomorrow, my plan is to spend some time outside working on a few things, after I get things done inside. That’s the only downfall of spending most of your time outside or away, is that things in house don’t get done, so I do need to play catch-up.

I also have an Easter brunch to plan. Desere and I decided that we would like to have Easter dinner together, so I asked Marcel if he would talk to his mom about us not being there for dinner next Sunday. Since they don’t really do anything special, I didn’t see it being a big problem, but Marcel was concerned that it may be.

I made the suggestion that instead of us coming for dinner, that we could come for brunch if his mom wanted to have brunch- and that I would be happy to help. She actually liked that idea, and I took it a step further and suggested that we have it here instead. I wanted to make alot of small things, such as mini- quiches, mini- muffins, and yogurt with fresh fruit in small glasses, among other things. I knew it would be a pain to take all that to her place, so I thought here would be better, and she said it was A-OK with her, as long as I agreed to let her pay for it. She insisted, so I’ll let her.

Anyone have any brunch ideas? I wanted to make it fun and special, and something non-traditional for them. I’ll be planning the menu this weekend, and start sorting recipes and grocery lists the beginning of next week.

I plan to have a mixture of healthy and not-so-healthy choices, and hopefully my sister-in-law won’t feel like she needs to start taking Fenphedra again. I keep trying to get through to her that there really is no magic ‘fix’ to lose the weight, but to make healthy choices. I bet she’s sorry she asked me. hehe

It should be fun though. I love cooking, as if that were any surprise.

Since Marcel is snoozing- (he has to be up early for work), I actually have some extra time, so I’m going to try to catch up with some of your journals. I’ve missed yáll, and feel so out of touch.

One Response to “Lovin’ that Sunshine”

  1. Maggie says:

    I shall now go hunting through my recipes for brunch ideas for you. Stay tuned. Maggs

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