Looks Like Fun

August 3rd, 2011

It’s funny when I think about it- because Marcel and I both grew up around the water, yet we spend a lot of time on the river when I was growing up and either we had a boat or we had friends who owned boats, so I guess you could say I am like a fish when it comes to water. Marcel, on the other hand, grew up around the water, but I’m not really sure that being ‘in’ the water is as a natural feeling to him as it is for me. He loves to swim- but yet when I was showing him some videos last week on how to learn wakesurfing tricks and I was talking about how much fun I thought it would be, he looked intrigued but I could tell he was a little aprehensive at first. After talking to him for a while- I realized it was because he’d never really done any watersports in the terms of the watersports that I’ve participated in and after telling him stories of some of my childhood adventures he seemed to act like he’d really like to try it.

The water here is pretty cold- even this time of the year, but I’m sure we could get some great gear after finding evo wakesurf shop. I don’t think it would take me long to get in the swing of things and I have no doubt that Marcel would love it upon trying it. We also happen to have a really good friend with a boat- so I’m thinking it could happen before the summer is over. I wonder what he’d think if I surprised him with a little adventure?

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