Look Ma’ No Cavities!

June 15th, 2009

My favorite guy is working today, so I’ve spent the day doing exactly what I wanted to do.   Right now, I’m cooking some pasta to go with the leftover sauce from yesterday- and I’ll eat when it’s done.  A little later than our normal 5:30, but when one is ‘home alone’, one can do what they choose, and hopefully eating a little later will keep me from having the desire to graze later on in the evening.

I’ve spent part of the day planning things to do for my friend Samantha’s upcoming visit.   I’m really looking forward to it, and we’re down to the 2.5 week mark.  I have a ‘to do’ list a mile long to get done before she arrives, but little by little I’ll get there.   Since I’ve had that scratch in the roof of my mouth that became irritated, I haven’t had much energy to do anything, but thankfully that has changed a little, so tomorrow I’ll be exercising again-  either the bike or the elliptical, or maybe even both.

We thought we’d be picking our car up later this week, but it looks like it hasn’t been transported yet.  Our car salesman had the day off today, so Marcel is going to call tomorrow to see if he can get more details on a time frame, but right now- it doesn’t look like it’s going to be Thursday, as promised.   Wonder if that will get us a discount?   I know, I know-  a girl can dream can’t she?

Before I go- another test shot that I took with the new compact ‘take-everywhere’ camera when I was snooping around the circus the other day.  It was as though the camel was laughing at me, and maybe he was- or maybe he was just trying to show me that he was in need of dental assistance.   

Don’t get me started on circus animals.   That’s an entirely different sort of entry- one that requires me stepping on a soap box, but one I’ll probably write about sometime soon. 

Lumix Test

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