Lions and Tigers and OUCH!

March 13th, 2012

For a while I’ve been talking about my lack of using the computer due to some pain I was having in my right wrist/arm. I had my suspicions that it was carpal tunnel and today the doctor confirmed that he thought the same. (I knew I should have become a doctor. HA!) Anyway- he said that it could possibly sort itself out with little love and care, so he perscribed me a wrist band to wear at night (but I have it on now) in order to keep my wrist straight. (I tend to lay on that arm at night and curl it up under me, which is bad news.) He suggested I keep it rested as much as possible and allow it to hopefully to straighten out. If it doesn’t within 2 to 3 months- he’s going to send me to a specialist, who will then run a nerve test to see exactly where the problem lies and decide from there if I’ll be the lucky recipient of sugery or injections in the affected area. Personally- my vote is none of the above, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes, plus praying that it sorts itself out.

Tomorrow I hope to share some of the Photo 365 pictures- They are sitting in my email box waiting to be downloaded and added to the site. I haven’t forgot. It’s coming.

One Response to “Lions and Tigers and OUCH!”

  1. maggie says:

    Morning!!!! What a beautiful day it is in my world. Lovely to sip my morning tea and sit a while with you. It is a challenge NOT falling into usual sleep patterns. I sleep with one arm bent and under the pillow too…

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