Life of a Social Butterfly

January 11th, 2011

Ok- I wouldn’t techinically call myself a social butterfly- but our schedule is definitely a busy one for the days leading up to our departure next week Today has been a quiet day of lounging at home (which I needed), after a great get together with family and friends last night.

The rest of the week could be compared with me being a bee and I’ll be buzzing around from place to place catching up with family and friends that I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with yet. Last night one of my cousins commented that I may need a vacation to rest from this vacation and I think she may be right.

I’m grateful that so many people want to spend time with us and hope that those who we haven’t been able to arrange something with won’t be too upset with us. We’ve been planning as people have asked and our calendar is filled. I’ve promised to give mom and dad next week as family time and aside from one last trip to get sushi at Chef Scott’s- I plan to do exactly that. Not to mention the serious packing has to commence. Now that’s something I’m not looking forward to- not even a little.

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